VX Gateway Cloud Payment Framework
Cloud Payment Framework®

Register of Claims


All Claims are subject to an enhanced due diligence and Know Your Customer process in terms of the prevention of money laundering rules and regulations.

Submission of this Claim is for registration purposes only and consequently does not imply any form of acceptance whatsoever by the Trustees of VX Gateway Inc., in Dissolution.

No more than one Claim will be accepted for each VXLOOP account, USD or EUR. If more than one Claim is submitted, the latest submission will be reviewed.

If the Know Your Customer documentation submitted with a Claim is not acceptable, the Claim will be rejected in its entirety and must be resubmitted. Only fully compliant Claims will be registered.

All Claims are to be submitted by 8am (UTC +2:00) on 3 April 2017.

After the deadline for submission of Claims, the Trustees will assess each registered Claim and will communicate directly to each Claimant the amount to be paid to settle the Claim. The Trustees will then verify the banking instructions for eligible Claimants prior to processing payments.